Monday, December 29, 2008

Perhaps it's fixed?

Well, Clearwire tells me that my problem was that my router was too close too my modem and that was causing interference and that is why my internet and my phone kept disconnecting. Hmm. Time will tell. It does appear to be working better now, so crossing my toes and hoping for the best! :o)
In the meantime, here are some winter pics of our Christmas lights and cute Ellie the other day. She really does love the snow! As far as the lights, Steve went Blue, Orange and White again this year in honor of our great Broncos football season. 12-0 until that sad Poinsettia Bowl, where we lost by only ONE point. Snif. But I'm over that and already looking forward to the next season. It can't start soon enough! LOL But I will miss you IAN JOHNSON!

Uploading pictures is annoying the you know what out of me

Seriously. Does it have to be such a complete pain??? Everytime I get some pics uploaded, my stupid Clearwire connection fails and I lose them. Totally STINKS. So, I tried to edit my calendar post from earlier with some more pics, but because it is being totally STUPID I will just add them here. HMPH. Ok, I realize I sound like an immature baby throwing a tantrum. But it IS frustrating, lol!
Anyway, here are a couple more pics of the Clipboard Calendars. Paper decoupaged onto a clipboard, washers attached and calendar months and dates affixed with magnets. Voila. A perpetual calendar, for any month, any year. :o)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Card 2008

Well, I got about half the cards out in the mail that I wanted to. I know this is bad, but I prioritized this year by sending them to the people who I had already received cards from. I was so far behind in everything, that I just had to do something. So, if you usually receive a card from us, and didn't this year, don't despair, I'm just behind! (not to be confused with being a behind, which I am sometimes as well, LOL). Here's a picture of the cards I made this year.

Update 12/29/08 6 pm: YES! Finally got the @!*&@!?! image to load! It's about time!

I used my close friend Cricut to cut out the angel at 2" with a shadow in blue behind her. I loved the Peace, Joy, Rejoice etc paper (DCWV), it just seemed to fit how I wanted this Christmas to be: all about Peace in the world and a hope for Joy everywhere. I hope that's what showed up under your tree! I read this really great quote: Remember, if you don't have Christmas in your heart, you won't find it under a tree.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finally! I've been trying to upload this video for TWO days! I think my computer is low on memory or something . . . after the upload kept failing, I did a system cleanup and defrag . . . looks like I still don't have much memory, but the video uploaded so I'm happy.

This is from Jesse's Christmas program, which was Thursday the 18th. The kids performed great! Jesse was excited for this particular song, Feliz Navidad, because he got to play an instrument during it. It's hard to see him, but he's rocking out to the right of the boy playing the drums. :o) SO CUTE.

The rest of this weekend has gone by in a bluuuuurrrrrrr. We had the Miller Christmas party yesterday evening . . . fun fun fun. I'll post pics of that later. Right now I'm off to finish my Christmas cards. (Yes, it is 4 days before Christmas. Your point is???) ;o)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just getting started~learning how to blog

Ok, so I'm definitely not new to the internet, but this blogger thing has me a little confounded. I see other people's blogs, and they look so COOL. I have got to figure this thing out and make my blog a little more appealing . . . Right now it's about as exciting as a door knob . . . oooohhh aaaahhh. Whatever.

Lets see if I can add a picture. Ooh, I did it! Took forever, must have been a large file. In case you're wondering (as if anyone would be bored enough to even read this, lol) that is a calendar I made. It is perpetual, all the flowers and numbers are magnets and can be moved around. The months too, and the extras are stored on the back. I glued little metal washers to the clipboard after decoupaging with paper. That's what the magnets stick to.